Boards with Users

I have a database of Projects

Projects have users assigned to them

Projects are linked to another database called Process

Users are linked to a database called Departments

I’m creating smart folders of Projects

Within the smartfolder I’m creating a board called Team

  • Cards: Users

The context filter options are VERY STRANGE! I can’t seem to filter by assignees of that project!

I would expect that if you have a smart folder of Projects as you described, any view of Users (board or table or whatever) would default to taking the assignee relation as the context filter.
However, context filters work for to-many relations, so you can’t choose a to-one relation.

Perhaps you can send a screenshot of the Project db and also one of what the context filter looks like at the moment

Screenshot 2023-01-18 at 17.11.30

Ideal filter: Assignees from Project

Is Project Db related to User Db directly? If so, what is the cardinality of that relation?
1:1, 1:n, n:n, n:1?

I was hoping that the native Assignees would be sufficient.

Sorry, I hadn’t picked up on the capital A for Assignees, meaning that you were using the native assignment field.
I agree, it should work, but appears not to. Let me dig into it and get back to you.

Thanks Chris!

Any news on this?

It turns out that enabling Assignees as a route for context filtering carries the risk of generating a large number of paths which could be overwhelming, so it was not supported.
However, we’re going to rethink this and you should see an update soon.

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Should be working in the next release

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It’s working! Thanks :pray: