Gmail Integration won't sync and is buggy

Not sure if it’s been like this or if this is new, but there are a few bugs with the setting up a mail integration via gmail.

First: Sync doesn’t sync. Literally won’t sync new emails or contacts. Only force full sync syncs. Not sure how that works or what the difference is, but regular manual or interval sync doesn’t sync.

Second: If I click configure or force full sync in the options in the email integration, it will always say “Oops, something went wrong. Please, reload page” and then proceed to take me to whatever I clicked. No refresh or anything. Seems like a glitch.

Lastly: Again a glitch, the disable integration sometimes doesn’t work - it just says “Oops, something went wrong. Please, reload page” and reloading the page doesn’t work. What does work is either having the page not in full screen (so in split screen mode) or clicking on the little question mark and then clicking on the disable integration. I’m not sure why this fixes it? Some sort of glitch.

Would really love to be able to sync my gmail messages :slightly_smiling_face: hope someone has a fix that isn’t forcing full manually constantly. thanks


Hi, Monnes!

  1. For every integration you may turn on sync frequency. If it’s chosen as a manual one, then definitely clicking the button is the only way

If you have that chosen, but syncing still doesn’t work - please, ping us in the chat, and let us know the name of your workspace- we would check the logs and will try to reproduce the issue

  1. “Oops, something went wrong. Please, reload page"
    That is also weird, but I just checked my integration and I can’t reproduce the issue. So it would be great to check logs about your specific workspace and together discover where the issue can be.
    For now, we don’t have any unfixed bugs for this error with clear str

Unfortunately, Integrations is a very specific area, where problems can be on the Fibery side, in the OS (especially when talking about the email integration), on the provider side and etc.
So each case is researched manually.
And as there can be some private data from your side, I think we can connect via chat to make that work :muscle: