Generate PDF with images

Would be great if the generate PDF function can also embed the images in the document. Right now, you can only see a little icon like this after exporting to PDF:

Indeed, PDF generation is pretty weak in Fibery, so noted your request :pray:


@Polina_Zenevich I had noticed the same thing as @X_Yuan and thought it has something to do with permissions (that was an issue when using an external tool like So I decided to export the notes into markdown and try and print them using VS Code.

I noticed something strange (and potential :lady_beetle: bug) in the markdown export, where images are included:

![image.png](files/1d84eff0-3cdb-45b0-bd1c-837f5cff8335 "")

I think the image file extensions are missing in the file path:

![image.png](files/1d84eff0-3cdb-45b0-bd1c-837f5cff8335.png "")

I am not sure if that is the cause of the OP’s issue, but thought it might be worth investigating. PDF export (and ability to use more complex templates) is definitely something I would find really helpful, but this might be a good interim fix to at least be able to print full PDFs