Markdown --> PDF

In addition to markdown I would like to export to PDF. Ideally it would convert entities into links.

100% - when we prepare reports, we have to copy the text out into letterheaded paper, and then print as a PDF. Adding the borders back on to the tables so they don’t look floaty. Rock and roll :wink:

Do you know that you can generate a pdf from within Fibery (including images for header and footer as needed)?


Amazing, learn something new everyday :muscle:

I guess the only caveat here, is it isn’t possible to do this on a “Document”, as it’s only possible to add automations to entities.

Not simply, no.
There are crafty ways to extract document contents (and copy-paste into entity rich-text fields if needed) but they require scripting and can be brittle.

Alternatively, you could just create a database (called Documents) with a rich-text field and then use this when you need automations.

And just FYI, if you don’t need any of the simple fields, you can expand the rich-text field:


The main issue with the pdf tool is that you don’t have any real control on the layout, which makes it really hard to use for generating forms or invoices.

Is there any chance that we will have more control over the layout of the pdfs in the near future? I am not asking for a visual tool but simply having the ability to define a layout using html/css or something comparable. I’ve been using pdfmonkey for some things but the bug in getting inline references and embeded images in rich text fields limits its usability.