Integromat: retrieving images from Fibery?

I’m building an Integromat scenario that pushes my new Fibery Task entities to Asana.

So far mostly working, except I don’t know what to do about images embedded in Rich Text fields, which are referenced in the markdown like:


Is there a way for Integromat to retrieve the image content from this info?

Assuming you already saw this:

Looks like you would need to send a GET request like this:

curl -X GET \
     -H 'Authorization: Token YOUR_TOKEN'

Where c5815fb0-997e-11e9-bcec-8fb5f642f8a5 is your file’s fibery/secret


So in the case of an Rich Text image where the markdown is ![image.png](/api/files/6c420196-d72e-4b09-926d-019131cfb736#width=182&height=61), that uuid would be the image file ID (not the Secret)?