Integromat : sync array as part of entity


I’m trying to plug my newsletter provider (mailchimp) to fibery through integromat.
Subscribers have a somewhat flat data structure that I can easily map to my “Contact” fields in fibery.
However, they also have tags, which I need to sync too : tags are provided as an array of objects for each subscriber.

Is there a fibery / integromat specialist here that could help me?

I’m not sure that “single select” or “multiple select” fields, that seem like a decent way to store tags, can be populated through integromat (every time I try I get an error).

I tried using the Join function in integromat, but I would need to join on a subproperty of each object in the array, so it doesn’t work.
I tried to plug in an iterator but then I get an entry for each unique subscriber / tag.

I’m not an Integromat expert, but I suspect the issue is that single-select and multi-selects are actually types themselves, under the hood.
So it is possible to use Integromat to assign a value for a single-/multi-select field, but that value needs to already exist (as an entity of the single-/multi-select type).
I am not aware that you can use Integromat to create new entities of the (hidden) single-/multi-select types, so I think you have to either:

  • manually create in Fibery all the tags that might be needed
  • define a standard Fibery type for tags (not a single-/multi-select) and then create the tags in Integromat as needed, prior to creating the subscribers and updating them to link to the tags.
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Could possibly send to a text field, and then create a rule to parse the text field into the Multi-Select field using the API… I’m trying to do just that, but am having trouble reading the API as I’m not an expert with javascript much less integromat’s api.