How to create Single-Select and Multi-Select fields via Integration API?

I see in the Integration API docs that this is possible, but I see no explanation of how to do it.

I tried many random things with my schema but the resulting field type is always “Text” in Fibery. :man_shrugging:

I can manually force a field to be a Single- or Multi-Select (see image) when setting-up a new Integration Space DB’s and fields, but I cannot figure out how to make it the default type for a field in the Integration schema.

We’re working on better documentation.

Regarding your Q.


type: 'text',
subType: 'single-select'


type: 'array[text]',
subType: 'multi-select',


type: 'text',
subType: 'workflow`

Optionally you can pass list of options. If options property is missing then Fibery will try to identify options dynamically based on your data.

Options format:

     name: 'Open', 
     color: '#123414', // OPTIONAL
     default: true/false,  // Workflow should have record with default flag
     final: true/false // workflow final step

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Edited. There was a mistake with multi-select. Changed type from text to array[text]


  state: {
      name: `State`,
      type: `text`,
      subType: `workflow`,
      options: [
              name: `New`,
              default: true,
          {name: `In Work`},
              name: `Closed`,
              final: true,

also it’s possible to pass multi-select with type text but in this case options should be comma-separated (e.g. dev,high prio,r22)

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