Single select in

Hey guys,

I am starting with Fibery and have the following issue. When I connect in Make and want to map the single select field I always get an error. Even if the value exists. This is the error message:

Am I missing something?

A select field (single- or multi-) is actually a relation to a (hidden) database, so when you want to update it, you need to send the UUID of the entity, not its name.

Thanks for the clarification. Can we get the fields or update them? Or how do we make this work?

Please check this post to see if it answers your needs: Script for sending a webhook

I already am using this script. Works great :+1:t2: but am not able to update a single select from Make.

@Chr1sG, is it not possible to update the options (entities) of a Single/Multi-Select, by using its internal DB name?

Sorry, yes, using a script, it is possible with this construction:

fibery.updateEntity(entity.type,, {selectFieldName : optionName});

In make, you should be able to directly access/update a select field:


@StevenSkillit can you clarify what you are attempting, how you’re trying, and what fails.

I have a automation in Make which imports contacts from our ads. In the single select we use this to group our ads. I also have a single select for the countries in our CRM. So there are a couple of ways I would like to implement this. But had no succes with the single select.

So, if you’re using the map option in make to update a select value based on data from a previous step in the scenario, then you need to pass the ID value, not a text string.

In order to do this, you will need an intermediate step in your Make scenario that gets the ID from the string value. This could be a dictionary-lookup type step (hardcoded values) or it could be an API call that queries Fibery each time. The former would be easier/quicker, but not as robust. For example, if a new option is added to the list, or options were renamed, you would need to revisit your scenario.

Thanks for the info. Just one more question, how can I set it up with the API?