API new entity and rich text description update


I made huge progress creating new entities through API from n8n.
i get a positive response from the creation of the entity. including the fiberyID of the rich text field. now i want to update/add the rich text markdown. according to the docs following should return the secret to actually do it, the return is “success” but empty result - no secret.

           "command": "fibery.entity/query",
           "args": {
             "query": {
               "q/from": "KNOWLEDGE/Activities",
               "q/select": [
                 { "KNOWLEDGE/Content": [ "Collaboration~Documents/secret" ] }
               "q/where": ["=", ["fibery/id"], "$id"],
               "q/limit": 1
             "params": { "$id": "{{ $json["result"]["KNOWLEDGE/Content"]["fibery/id"] }}" }


    "success": true,
    "result": []
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Can you check that {{ $json["result"]["KNOWLEDGE/Content"]["fibery/id"] }} is correctly returning the UUID of the entity you are trying to query?

(you can find the UUID on the GUI by hovering over the public ID and pressing the alt key:)

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i misunderstood the docs and thought i need to take the ID from the content field. its the id from the entity though. now it works!

see here for the whole process: Obsidian to Fibery - #10 by dukevannori - Questions - n8n

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I have encountered the same problem.
I suggests to explicitly specify in the documentation that to get the fibery/secret of the corresponding collaborative document you need to specify the id of the entity not id from the content field

Can you point to the documentation that you find misleading (as specific as possible) to help us improve it :pray:

Sure. Here Fibery API

  1. Get fibery/secret of the corresponding collaborative document. fibery/id here is fibery/id of entity containing rich text field, not fibery/id placed in rich text field.

I really like fibery, but I’m just learning.