Public urls for images

I noticed that rich text fields can be queried using GraphqlAPI as HTML. Which is a perfect case to make Fibery into a small CMS.

However, images embedded within text apprear to be fixed to fibery account and I couldn’t find a easy way to download them.
Here is example that I get:

 html: '<h2 guid="81be4581-9ea1-4e96-a7bc-b7dabe0a61e0">Building Websites is Like Building Trust in Your Team. </h2><h3 guid="76cd932e-318b-42c6-8b4c-ef2a215d1210">It takes time.</h3><p data-guid="2c8f0abb-5f82-43c0-ad8e-9c5e07dec534"></p><div><img src="/api/files/3c9d9f5a-6231-4ff5-88ff-cf1cc06a17b6#width=3409&amp;height=2482" alt="pexels-igor-starkov-1117452.jpg" title=""></div>',
    __typename: ‘RichField'

As you can notice the img tag has attribute src which points to relative url. This url works only within Fibery context and I haven’t found a way to get it available publicly - even when url is prepended with my workspace url.

The only workaround I have found is the following:

  1. Share specific entity publicly.
  2. Extract ?sharing-key=XX from entity.
  3. Modify returned images src attribute to prepend workspace url AND add sharing key.

Would be great to avoid this workaround and being able to get public url for embedded images using Graphql API.

Agree, that would probably also fix the issue that when sharing a workspace, all images within rich text fields are lost.

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As far as I know we have no other way to share files to the web.
Also instead of this workaround you may store images in some other places like s3 or google drive and insert public url from those stores into the doc. In that case you will be able to see those images in the fibery and can get a document content with direct urls to your publicly hosted images.

They would embed automatically? Didn’t know that.