Field Activity Icon (Cell History)

Entities already have an activity log with all changes. It would be great to quickly view a filtered view of this activity log for a specific field from a View rather than having to open the entity.

  • My main want would be for number cells in table view. But this would be really useful for more views and definitely for state, number, and date field types.
  • I imagine it would be similar to the question mark description/formula pop-up. But only show up in the corner of that cell/field if that value has been changed before
  • An alternate and cleaner approach might be to build the activity log into the ā€˜Right-Click Context Menu for Cardsā€™ roadmap item. Right click, see activity log, with some quick filter options.

Your suggestion forced me to open Paint and sketch the simplest version of this that Iā€™d love to see myself :sweat_smile::