GraphQL support for querying entity History / Activity Logs

If we had GraphQL support to query entity history / Activity Log, then we could make our own audit-log reports. Right now I see no good way to make audit investigations, like showing all changes made by a particular User in the past week.

Of course even better would be the ability to create such Views within Fibery :grinning:

It would be amazing if we had more access to the activity log for entities and were able to leverage them in views to:

  • Identify entities where particular fields have changed within a timeframe (e.g. entities that had been assigned in the last week or entities where the last time the Phase changed was more than a month ago, … )
  • Identify entities based on the change itself (e.g. entities where the state had changed from Intake to In Progress or entities where the cost was increased by more than 5%, …)

It would also be great if you were able to access the information in automations to run actions:

  • Send a notification when value is changed from a certain value to another or when the magnitude of a change is within a certain threshold (e.g. the completion timeline for a task is extended by more than 2 weeks, or when an activity goes from “In Progress” to “On Hold” but not when it goes from “Intake” to “On Hold”)

There is a lot of insight and value in the change/audit log which is currently lost. I know we are able to use automation to create other entities to track changes, but that seems wasteful and redundant given that there is already a log.

I think being able to also query for changes using GraphQL would be a great interim options, so that we can at least generate these views externally.

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