CHANGELOG: March 22 / Audit Log, Integration Apps

Audit Log

Admins can see all the changes of all users for all entities on a single screen. It’s handy when you want to find who deleted important data, who changes priority of tasks, etc. Click top left menu, select Audit Log, and enjoy the view:

Use filters to find required changes. For example, here we want to see all Bugs added in March by Nastya


  • There is no text of changed/added comments yet.
  • There are no events about Rich Edit fields changes yet.
  • There are no Undo/Undelete actions yet.
    All that will be added in near future.

Integration Apps

We’ve simplified integrations setup. Now every integration has a separate App and you can find and install it from the Templates page.

Now integrations are very easy to setup:


  • Integromat: Delete entity by id action is added
  • GitLab: Commits can be synced from GitLab to Fibery

Fixed Bugs

  • Slackbot doesn’t upload images from Slack to Fibery
  • Board View: Filter does not include the correct card into results
  • Sometimes Oops error appears if drag&drop expanded apps in left menu.
  • List View: Hierarchical list: issue in units selection after adding one more type to list
  • List View: Editor can’t add new Entities. There is no “plus” button
  • Copy-paste rich-text outside Fibery: entity mentions are lost