CHANGELOG: Aug 11 / Revert changes in entity activity log, 16 fixed bugs

Revert changes in entity activity log

Now you can revert changes in entity activity log. Open the Activity popup and find Revert icon near the change message. Click it to recover the old value.

Views: show empty field values

Now you can decide whether show or hide empty field values in Board, Timeline, List and Calendar Views. Click Fields and find Show empty Field values setting.


:shrimp: 16 Fixed Bugs

  • Connecting email account: failure message does not disappear when navigating to another tab or adding new account
  • Dark theme: Done state is not so visible
  • Dark theme: The check mark on Report view filters is very hard to see
  • Dark theme: KPI reports don’t have a dark theme yet
  • Dark theme: error messages are unreadable
  • When using HTML tags in a comment, they aren’t escaped
  • Issue with dates being inconsistent across the UI
  • Not informative error if the field used in filter was deleted
  • History context report shows invalid value
  • templates fetching takes 7 seconds
  • It’s impossible to edit fork report if master is broken
  • Board with useless scroll
  • Error while trying to import some workspace
  • Improve error visualisation on new workspace creation page
  • It’s impossible to create doc or whiteboard in collection on entity view
  • It’s impossible to import some Space

Click it to recover the old value.

Does “Revert Changes” only revert the single value, or does it revert the entire entity to its state from that previous point in time?


Single value only