February 9, 2023 / Faster Entity and List Views

Brace yourself, lots of GIFs in this changelog!

:zap: Faster and smoother Entity loading

In the last few months, we’ve added a bunch of functionality to Entity View. Notably, we’ve introduced relation Views as well as Views embedded in a rich-text Field. These Views have made Fibery quite more versatile but also slower.

Before: note the jumps while relations load

Now check out this:


Rich-text Fields has gotten the same jerk-removing treatment:

Before: the UI listens to Joy Division

We only show you the Entiy when it’s truly ready:

Afer: smoooth

The optimizations kick in once you open the second Entity of a particular DB and work until you refresh the page.

The better the internet connection you have, the more you benefit.

:zap: Faster Hierarchical Lists

Our Boards and Tables have been decent at dealing with hundreds of cards and rows — we can’t say the same about Lists. Well, we couldn’t until now.

Expect ~2x improvement for large Lists when you open or reconfigure them:

Before: it takes forever for a new Field to appear

After: we had to increase FPS on this GIF to capture the changes

Here are a few nerdy screenshots:



:butterfly: Minor improvements

  • A Rule can be triggered by a change in a rich-text Field
  • When an auto-linking rule breaks, Admins are notified

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Missing scroll bar at View ->Filter pop-up
  • Editor frame on loading new doc
  • Fields pop-up window is twitching on first load
  • Automations: sending email using sendgrid data returns “550 MIME message is missing ‘From’ header” error
  • User without corresponding permissions can edit integration schema
  • Scroll doesn’t appear in view config popups
  • Form view: fibery logo appears even if you turn off the switcher
  • Jira integration: basic date field ( no time) added as date+time field in Fibery
  • Empty Notifications panel and error if new notification comes while panel is collapsed
  • Oops error when edit relation with auto link rule in some case


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As a Fibery user (as well as team-member) I think this is more than a minor improvement - it opens up lots of new possibilities for me :slight_smile:


Agreed! This is one of my favorite additions!

Omg ! Now I can show case my construction management in a foreign country. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: Stay tuned this weekend.

As local workers don’t speak my language I have hooked description into translation pipeline. So it automatically translates whenever press I press a button edit!

See it here


Awesome release :smile: it’s so tempting to go for features. While speed is so important :partying_face:

Great that you have made these improvements because I noticed more and more lately that it was slower.

(but if you were used to clickup before this, you take it for granted :rofl:)