Select pane going off of page

I’m trying to create a feed view to show all most recently modified entities across my workspace. So I’m adding every database, but the trouble is the pane to add them is at the bottom of my screen and the add button is out of frame:

What to do?

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How many databases are there in total?
How do you plan on filtering to get ‘recently modified entities’?

Fibery has no trouble with large databases, but there are limits to how many items can be shown in any given view.

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By the way, do you mean list view?

Yep! My bad.

I’m filtering it by modified date and sorting by modified date as well.

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How many entities do you anticipate will meet the filter criteria?

You should be aware that the modification date may not behave in the way you expect. For example, it monitors changes to field values, but does not track edits to rich-text fields.
Also, some schema changes will cause the modification date to be changed for all entities in the database.

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Um… anywhere from 5 to 100 in a day?

It’s ok if it’s not perfect. Hopefully it’ll be perfect when Fibery releases a recents pane :crossed_fingers:

But for now I’m better with extra entities being added then missing some. Most of my edits will be to the fields vs rich text.

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So do you just want to see the last day’s worth, or the last week’s worth, or…?

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Mostly yesterday and today.

I’ll ask the devs what can be done about getting more dbs in the list.
However, it’s not a use case we have ever heard of before, so I can’t promise that a fix will be high-priority.

Did you consider just using a report view instead?

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I’ve never actually used that view… Can it do what I need?

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Sure can! (if you configure it right)
It will give a read-only table though.