Feature Request: link Entity to Whiteboard Shape or Text

My suggestion revolves around the integration of shapes and text within the whiteboard with entities stored in a database. The core of this feature request is twofold:

  1. Linking Shapes and Text to Entities: The ability to link any shape or text on the whiteboard directly to an Entity. This would allow users to associate specific data or records with visual elements, making the whiteboard a more powerful tool for data representation and interaction.

  2. Interactive Hover and Click Features: Upon hovering over these linked shapes or texts, a tooltip or a small window should appear, displaying a summary or the details of the linked entity. Furthermore, clicking on the shape or text would navigate the user to a more detailed view or the specific record in the database. This functionality would greatly improve the user experience by providing context and easy access to relevant data directly from the whiteboard interface.

You are aware that it is possible to insert entities into a whiteboard as cards?

and you can convert sticky notes and shapes to entities:

Yeah, I know the feature, I want it to keep the original shape color after converted to Entity, but now it is not.

Unfortunately this is relatively hard to do. Maybe in some future we will get there, but not in near future.

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Oooh, I like this idea! I would LOVE to be able to define that all my API calls in my process diagram are rhomboids and my UI screens circles(?).

I can see how this is not straight-forward but at the same time it would be incredibly powerful for our diagrams.

I wish I had more votes. :slightly_smiling_face: