Enumerate Collection or Action Per Collection

Hello! Is it possible to set an action button to perform n actions per the number of items in a collection? Ex. I have an action button for a database that wants to create unique records in another database based on items in a collection. So if my record has a collection with 5 references in it, I would want the action button to make 5 new records somewhere.

A Button will always operate on all selected entities. If you are looking at a single entity view, a Button will only operate on that entity.

But in a Table view you can select any number of entities (rows) using the checkboxes that appear when hovering over a row number on the left (or Select All using the top box in the header).

Then you can execute any Button defined in the DB, on all the currently selected entities, by using the Action drop-down at the top:

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Thanks Matt!

So in my case I think my move would be to go to the ‘things to enumerate’ table and filter what I want to make copies or different entries of in a different database, then use an action button there.


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