Actions: How to create new entity and add to collection? (many-many)

It appears this action is not available for many<–>many collections – I see only the "Add new <type> and assign..." action, but not "Create new <Type> and assign..."

Hi, @Matt_Blais

Add Projects Item means that Project will be created and added to Projects collection.

Let’s assume I have Bug and Story which are related as many-to-many. So the relation looks like below

Now we have to options, we can create new bug via story type button or we can create story via bug type button. Let’s go with creating story type button. The button with creation new bug and assigning it to story will be the following:

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Perhaps you could harmonize the wording of those Actions, so they both say “Create”, instead of one saying “Create” and the other saying “Add”?

That was my confusion.

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