For Loops in Formulas

I’ve found a few formula cases where the having the ability to loop through all returned entities in a collection would be very helpful.

For example, if a [Team] entity is linked to a [Sprint] entity, automatically create and link a “Sprint Planning” [Log] to all [Users] who are linked to that [Team].

Some teams have 3 people, some teams have 5. I’d like to have one automation (and one action) that could handle this, instead of making separate automations for each team where I then manually create each action for each team member.

I’m sure it could be done using scripts, but I’m not a developer so I’m not super comfortable with the syntax required. I’m wondering if there’s any workarounds that would allow me to do this using normal automation triggers and actions and formulas, where I could use the count of team members on a team to define how many times the action would have to run.

One way to achieve this is to use two automations combined with a helper relation field.

So, in your example, add a relation between Users and Sprints.
The first automation, triggering when a Team is linked to a Sprint, will update the value of this field for all users who are Team members.
A second automation, running in the User db, will trigger when this field is updated, and will create a Log item for the User.

Does that make some sense?

Yeah, makes sense and sounds like a solid solution, thanks @Chr1sG!