To be able to use Formula in Automation filters

Some automation actions are based on filters to select the entities to Unlink, for instance the “Unlink entity” action. However, weirdly enough, you cannot use a Formula to fill the filter value. So for instance, if I want to unlink an entity by matching its name with a field from the triggering entity, I cannot do it.
It is even more frustrating knowing you can link or add an entity using Formulas.

I would love to see this as well, it would be really helpful for breaking loops when using automations to update certain fields. Also, this should probably be merged with:

I have been working on layering on automations to the Template for date grouping to serve as meeting some of the functionality described in More Flexible Board Columns/Rows. Some updates on the Formulas in Views Filters thread reminded me I should submit this request.

One thing I came across a few times is that I needed to add some conditions to each of the table schemas so that I could check for special conditions where I wanted to actually apply the action. Since the condition I was looking for was more about automation than the data model, I think it would be better to just implement it as a formula if it isn’t needed elsewhere.