Formulas in Views Filters

Currently, if we need to filter by parent field we need to create a formula in child type and then filter by this field. It would be great to filter by parent fields without additional formulas.

PS: Correct me if it’s already available to use.

Can you provide a case, I don’t get the idea from the description unfortunately

Ex: we have two types: “Test Cycle” (parent) and “Test Cycle Run” + a view for runs. In this view, we wanted to display only “Test Cycle Runs” where the parent “Test Cycle” has a checkbox Archived as false (to hide archived records). To achieve this, we created a formula field “Test Cycle Archived” in the “Test Cycle Run” type. And then applied a filter in the view. Basically, we created a new field to use the filter feature. We think that is a redundant step.

We have this in the backlog, we call it Formulas in Filters. No ETA so far unfortunately


Thanks, that is not critical due to additional formula fields.

@mdubakov I was wondering if any consideration has been given to working on this feature in conjunction with the view blocks? I know they are different things, but I think to make embedding of views really powerful and useful, the content needs to be dynamically controlled based on so inputs or variables on the page. It seems there is a logical connection between that and Formulas in Filters feature.

Unfortunately no progress here. I don’t think we get to it in the next 2-3 months