Automatically linking with formulas

I am wondering if any thought has been given to allow use of formulas to drive the auto linking within relations. I think the auto linking feature is fantastic (maybe sometimes forgotten). However, one of the things I wish was possible was to set the filters using formulas.

The work around is obviously to create two formula fields on either side and then link based on those. However, this goes against my effort to try and limit the number of helper fields I create (which might be an irrational stance in the grand scheme of things).

I know this will likely not be a priority since there is already a work around and may need the whole formulas in filters work as a foundational piece, but thought I should try and get it on the list.

I guess you mean using formulas for either side of the matching rules, right?
I think they’re not technically filters.

I think you’re probably right on this I’m afraid to say, but if we’re lucky, yes, any work on developing the technical foundations for formulas in view filters might have the side-effect of enabling this feature at low development cost, who knows.

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Yes, exactly, using formula results on one or both sides to do the matching.


I don’t think that’s an irrational stance at all. At least not until there is a configuration/admin mode and a usage mode. Because all the helper fields create complexity that makes maintenance harder in the long term. In this case it will create further coupling that is more likely to break at some point.

In our workspace I definitely have reached the complexity where flexing things over time becomes a game of jenga as I don’t necessarily remember why I set up certain things like a year or more ago.


Thus the need for a way to add “dev notes” to DBs and their fields (beyond the existing “field description”). This is especially true for Automations, as right now the only way to document your Automations is in javascript comments.


I ended up copying the Fibery Guide template and adding a whole ‘Process/Automations’ section just to try and solve this problem. It’s surprisingly easy to end up with 20-30 automation per DB and if you’re bad at writing script comments (like I am) it becomes are real pain to ID and modify things.


I wanted to also add another part to this request:

Currently, while the auto linking allows users to define multiple rules, it imposes an AND logic to the rules. Therefore there is no way to specify if all conditions need to match (AND) or just one (OR). Since filters already include the ability to define AND/OR logic as well as filter groups, it would be great to introduce that concept to the auto linking feature.

To make the process complete for cases where the relation is 1-1 but multiple items match, it would be great to be able to also define sorting rules to guide fibery which item to choose (right now I think it just goes with internal rank).

I would setup almost everything as auto-links if they had the same conditional logic filtering as rest of fibery!


Same! It’s more robust than automations since user can’t unlink the relation by accident.