Empty rows in board view

I have a Task database with a Priority field. I selected the Hide All Empty Rows from the row title menu and all rows that have no tasks are hidden. The Priority field is choosen to be visible in the cards.

Now let’s say I have two tasks: Task1 and Task2. Task1 and Task2 have priority set to Low, so the only row i can see is the one with label Low.

Now I use the Priority field in the Task1 card to change its priority to High. What I expect to happen at this point is that the row with label High should appear with the Task1 badge in it. Instead the Task1 badge disappears and to show the row I have to select the option to show all rows again.

If this is the intended behavior, move this to the Feature Request category :upside_down_face:

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Do you mean that you are using Priority for rows in a board view?
If you change priority and the card (correctly) disappears from the row it was in, does the now not-empty row appear if you refresh the view?

Yes, This is just a use case.

If I refresh (hit F5 for example) the page the row appears. But the expected behavior is that the row appears without the need to press a key or click a button.

Does the row appear without refresh if you wait a few seconds?
It sounds like a minor bug otherwise.

Nope. The row will not appear until the page refresh.

I agree with you: it’s just an UX enhancement.

I’ve checked, and it turns out we have this bug already noted, I just wasn’t aware of it :roll_eyes:
Can’t promise when a fix will be rolled out. Just have to use refresh in the meantime, sorry.

Thank you @Chr1sG for returning with feedback. Not a big issue to press F5 every now and then.
Fiibery is a great piece of software. Thank you for your always great support.