[DONE] View of images in Board View

I really would love to consider an Outline/folder view for document?

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Just to say I hope full Gallery View is still somewhere on the roadmap. It would be very helpful to get a visual overview of a group or collection. :grinning:


Is this close to your request?

Good to get some support here!

How do I show this? I’m only seeing the file count.

+1 for a gallery view.

I’d like more ways to see and work with images in general.

We’ve started implementation today . | Fibery


Awesome! And really helpful for the content hub that I’m building :star_struck:


Are there any workaround currently for having any sort of view which shows a photo associated with each item?

Feed view allows you to see the contents of a rich text field, so if an image is present, it will show up there.

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Thank you! That works great for now

I’m pretty hyped about this! :grin:


Some WIP:


We are close

2023-05-04 15.31.31


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Implemented in latest release

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I know this is “done”, but before I make a new feature request (as a prior one has been removed for some reason), I do think it makes sense to have a separate “Gallery” or “Grid” view. Kanban/Board requires some data to establish number of rows/columns (i.e. referencing fields), and it makes sense to me to have a simpler view that just shows a specified number of columns with rows as-needed for the number of items in the view. Perhaps alternative/ideally just specify the size of the image thumbnail and the columns auto-adjust to the view…

Anyway just wanted to confirm this is a separate feature request that is worth having before I make it. Oh wait, there is a request for it! And apparently someone is interested in such a view even without image support. :smile: If we go with this existing task I think I’d want to rename it to be clearer, the description there even points out the Airtable “Gallery” view as an example.



@mdubakov Is there a way that we could have the cover images either default to the entity’s avatar image (if it has one), or have an option to use the “double-letter-avatar-placeholder” and the actual avatar image as a source for the cover images?

Edit: I guess we are uploading these avatars via the API, so I could just link the same photo file to the entity’s avatar AND include it in its files list as well. That would bypass this problem, without taking up any more file storage space. The above would still be a nice feature though.

Or maybe avatars should be included automatically in an entity’s files…?


Eventually (but I don’t know when), we will make File a usual field, so it will be possible to have several File fields (and avatar is a special case for that). When it will be done, it will be possible to select File field as cover image on a card. However, till that unification we will not change current behavior, unfortunately

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Ok, that works great for me.