[DONE] Table View: Fixed Name Column

Hi! Did not see this request in FRs.

It would be nice to have fixed name columns (at least the name) so that as you traverse a table, the name column follows so that you can see what name the row pertains to. I know this is already on the row “numbers” but the name would be even more helpful!

Airtable Example:



I’ve experienced cases where this would be handy too.

As of right now one of the most used table for us are structures with key column pushed more towards the right, so it’s easier to follow the row left or right for additional information revolving around it.

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Hi there!
We have a story in the Backlog - “Freeze column on the horizontal scroll”.
Your votes are counted, many thanks for that and for the Airtable gif especially! :sparkling_heart:


In list views, when you have a lot of columns and a relatively small screen, having the ability to lock a column as sticky (usually the “name” of the entity, which is at the left) would help in filling out some of the fields to the right

Airtable does so :

There are workarounds : reordering columns manually, creating multiple views with only a subset of the columns you need, etc…
Si it’s probably not the highest priority ; but nice-to-have, and kind of a “basic” of table management.


I’m sorry to unearth this request but the more I use fibery, the more it appears to be important rather than a small quality of life improvement. Not a deal-breaker, but painful for users.

When reviewing a backlog, or filling out a RICE score for a bunch of features, it would help tremendously, allowing to fill a whole column for all rows in one go rather than scrolling back and forth endlessly…

Is this feature planned sometime in 2021? :slightly_smiling_face:

An alternative could be to allow the text in the “name” column to wrap to the line, excel-style. Airtable also does that, as seen in the picture. Could be another option!


Thanks for raising that topic :sparkling_heart:
Not sure about eta, but it is very likely to be implemented in the nearest future (in the interval between the completion of the current features)


Sorry to revive this old post, but I just came across it. I am not sure if this feature has yet made it onto the list for implementation but I was hoping that the implementation might give some thought to ability to pin/fix any columns rather than just the name/first column. It gives users a very quick way of reconfiguring the view for their needs.

I think this is somewhat related to the Column Controls in Table View request


Any update / eta on this?


As a laptop user, this would be great - I am really missing the ability to lock that first column so I can see the name of the item as I scroll horizontally. So, plus one from me on this request!


This could be very useful for the table view. Hope we can see some progress on this request soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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Reports via vizydrop do already have this feature (even for more than one fixed column).

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Just passing by to leave my vote!

Implemented in latest release in experimental Grid View. You can pin columns now.

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Implemented in latest release

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