July 20, 2023 / Experimental 🥹 new Grid View and 🏛️ Columns Layout in Docs

This release is mostly about experimental features, so we need your feedback!

Experimental: :face_holding_back_tears: New Grid View (future Table View replacement)

We are working on new Table View for months and finally can share some results. You may enable Grid View in Settings → Experimental Lab. Then just create Grid View in left menu and play with it.

It does not have many new features in comparison of the old Table View yet, our goal is to release it with similar functionality and then iterate. However, it does have some new features:

  • Drag and drop rows (if sorting is off). You can select several rows and drag and drop them in a batch.
  • Display hierarchy of entities
  • Display entities from several databases
  • Pin columns
  • Enable sorting from a column
  • Fit columns width automatically
  • Add a new row below the focused row with Shift + Enter and via the context menu

2023-07-20 15.24.58

Grid View has some bugs for sure, so please try to use and give us your feedback :pray:. We hope to release it officially in the nearest future.

Experimental: :classical_building: Columns Layout in Documents and Rich Text Fields

Another experimental feature is Columns Layout. It will help you to create dashboards and structure documents better. For example, here is our Company home in Fibery.

You may Columns Layout it in Settings → Experimental Lab. Use / command in document or rich edit field and type /column. Select how many columns you want to add. You may:

  • Resize columns
  • Delete columns
  • Add new columns
  • Move columns left or right

2023-07-20 15.28.19

Re-design Import and Integrations pages

We’ve made some awesome changes to the Import and Integration pages to make it better for you. All the import connectors are in one handy spot, and each connector has clear descriptions. Plus, we’ve made the icons look cool, no matter if it’s light or dark. It all adds up to a much nicer experience for you!

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Adding a required Field with default value on a Database (Type) with many Entities fails due to event size
  • Adding a required Field with default value on a Database (Type) with many Entities fails due to server timeout
  • Image file with space does not handle in markdown import
  • Collaborators can’t change integration settings with “none” auth type
  • Renaming a Database causes the whole Database screen to refresh
  • Database not found error sometimes appears on Database rename
  • Redirect to another Database if try to set Database name which already exists
  • Duplication stops copying text from rich-text fields
  • Error occurred if query history for deleted action only

Those’s really Huge for me. Waiting for so long for the right hierarchy

Insane :star_struck::star_struck: will test the following days :partying_face:

Great job! Just using it for an hour or so. Smooth navigation and very responsive when dragging.

Ooo, so happy with this release! Can’t wait to try. :heart_eyes::star_struck:

Excellent stuff, just in time to use to convince the team to switch to Fibery!

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I’m the kind of person that lives and thinks in Google Sheets and Fibery Tables so this is huge! Really excited to see where you take this.

IMO the greatest weakness of Tables has been the friction with viewing and updating text that’s longer than 10 words. In Excel and Sheets this is solved with variable row heights. Any plans for making accommodations for longer text interactions in the Tables view?


Yes, sure, we will continue polishing Tables for several months till they be great. But first step is to replace current tables with new ones and match functionality.


NEW GRID VIEW: This is the biggest ux feature within the last 2 years in fibery :partying_face:
It will bridge the huge gap between dynamic folders functionality, list and table view. And the ux is already better than the standard table view.
Great work!
Choosing columns in a multi-db setup is rather uncomfortable (so many fields) - but I’m sure you guys will solve that soon :wink:

The column view is also very welcome! We are THIS close to dashboards, right? RIGHT??? :crossed_fingers:

Keep up the good work - you guys (and gals) are amazing!


Yes, we are :slight_smile: But we need to work on Views design embedded into docs, so far they don’t look good.


«Columns Layout in Documents and Rich Text Fields» — One of the most anticipated features. Thank you. :+1:
«New Grid View» — Also a very attractive feature. :fire:


AWESOME! These are indeed huge additions! Thanks a lot! Can’t wait for them to be non-experimental. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Really cool!! Excited to try it out :star_struck:


	- A groupable table view was pretty much one of our showstoppers with regards to switching over.

Bugs / UX issues:
	- [Bug] Clicking on the reorder indicator, and then on other reorder indicator keeps the first selected row selected - even though visually multiple rows are now selected. The multi task button also only shows one task as selected.

	- [UX] To my knowledge there is no simple way to expand/collapse all.

	- [Major gain, minor work?] Pressing "Tab" or "Shift-Tab" in a "Create entity" flow moves down or up a level w.r.t. the row above.
		One core workflow in other software for us is to quickly map out / write out tasks and their subtasks. In other software we can do that by creating a new task, then pressing Tab or Shift-Tab to move down or up a level of creation. If I press enter I go to a new row, but I remain in the context I was previously in.
			E.g.: Given a view on table "Task" with a recursive relation - I write out "3D Environment", press Enter, press Tab, and I can now write out a sub task under "3D Environment" called "Skybox".
	- It would be great to have the option to group, besides collapsible grouping introduced by the level flow. E.g: I want to be able to have recursive grouping on Tasks, and then group by Project. 
		Currently, I would show the Task table (recursive for collapsible sub tasks) with a Project column - however repeated values aren't hidden (grouping) on Project, so they visually clutter a lot and make it harder to spot the transition.  


So happy with this release. You guys are amazing.

Initial feedback:

  • Confusing Behavior:
    • Final states are not grayed out
    • I keep wanting to right click column headers to get column options
    • Field filtering with multiple databases is very confusing. Currently if you leave your selection in the filter drop down on a database, then the columns drop down only shows that databases fields. So you have to go back to filter and select all databases to see all fields under columns. This is not intuitive to me. Feels like this field DB filtering needs to be built into the column drop down itself rather than carrying over
    • Some of the grid views I’ve created won’t show buttons in the ‘+’ column drop down. Then when I add a button from the columns header button, it lists the button in the ‘+’ drop down as ‘Button was deleted or disabled’. But this isn’t consistant behavior on all my grid views, so I’m not sure.
    • ‘+ New Field or Relation’ button at the bottom of the ‘+’ column drop down doesn’t work
  • Strong Wants:
    • Not yet available in entity to-many views
    • Wish there was entire row color options similar to tables
    • Really want option to group by state/single-selects instead of just relations (similar to Monday/Clickup)
    • Would love a single column count field (single column for all DBs in the grid view) for how many entities are listed below
    • Workflow like @PsyRoelofs described. Shift-Enter to create new row below, tab to indent as inside, shift-tab to bring back to below.
    • Would love an option to make the top level more distinct. Bold / bigger / wider space, something to better visually distinguish
    • Grid view makes me want same DB relation levels from level 2+ and not just from level 1 even more
    • Please consider the grid view collapsible gantt sidebar idea. This would be game changing for us.

Again, awesome release!


I would love to see the entire Fibery UI more consistent in how “options” popups and controls are triggered and interacted with. Right now there are several types:

  1. “always visible” buttons – left-click to activate
  2. “hidden until hovered” – like #1, but normally hidden
  3. right-click to popup a UI menu

There is always a need for some type-1 elements, but my preference for everything else would be:

  • hidden until hovered
  • hovering changes highlighting to show clickability (or auto-opens a popup)
  • left-click is always for “select/activate/open”
  • right-click is always for opening an “options” popup

Also, Esc key use and keyboard focus handling are still very inconsistent

E.g., when a UI popup is active and has keyboard focus, sometimes Esc will close it, but other times Esc will close the current PANE or invoke global search.

Even after using Fibery for years, this still constantly surprises and irks me.


Thanks for the (constent) awsome work, quick feedback on the Grid view: do you think it may be possible to include a similar color feature as the Table view and color the whole applicable field based on color code rules (instead of list-like coloration which is limited to the beginning of the line - thus less visible)?


It is on its way :slight_smile:


Any chance we’ll add the ability to convert tables to grids automatically? :sweat_smile: