[DONE] Column autofit in table view

I’m not sure if this would be the appropriate place for it, but I also wouldn’t mind having an Excel-style ‘autofit column width’ button or settings option. I find I spend quite a bit of time resizing columns to get good information density without cutting anything off. You could also combine it with a text wrapping option by selecting a number of lines to wrap and get a really customizable table view. Just some ideas :man_shrugging:

Agreed, please also upvote my request which is similar to what you want:

Will do, thanks!

Hey @Tommy_Hedley and @Dimitri_S , thanks for these suggestions, I am the author of:

and good to see other users with the need for first-class tables in Fibery!

Let’s hope we get some movement on these features soon! I’ve voted for both your requests, feel free to do the same with mine!


Implemented in latest release in experimental Grid View

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Implemented in latest release