Table header wrapping and field description icon

Table header wrapping: As someone that works a lot in the table views I would like to avoid having to constantly resize column widths in my battle between seeing what the field name is and trying to get the most columns visible without having to scroll.

This can be achieved by allowing us to wrap the table header to 2 or 3 lines, potentially reducing wasted whitespace by 50-60%

This request might be similar to the one here: [APPROVED] Wrap Cells & expand Column option in Table View

Field description icon: When a new user begins to explore a database using table views it might be hard to understand fields with ambiguous titles. Having an “:information_source:” icon next to a field name which shows the description of what that field is used for would eliminate that ambiguity.

Airtable handles this pretty well:

I also created a video further explaining this feature request here: