Table Row Height: allow wrapping of title field text

With the introduction of Table Row Height options, this gives more space for all fields, but currently that space often cannot be used.
The most important use is the title field of entities. Currently the titles are clipped and partly invisible in table views. A logical feature of the Table Row Height would be that field text can be wrapped instead of clipped.

To prototype this, I applied the following CSS:

   height: auto;
   white-space: normal;
   line-height: 20px;
   align-items: normal;

The result: (here I’m toggling the Stylus custom CSS chrome app, which includes some other ux clean up code)

+1 . I don’t have any more votes, otherwise I would vote for it :slight_smile:

This was the first experimental release and we will make it work right.


This would be great! Glad there’s some more activity happening regarding the table format too :slight_smile:

I think having an option to vertically centre the text would be good too. I know that’s a minor one but I’m trying to get my wider team onboard with Fibery but they are a bit picky when it comes to the appearance of things so having more controls over views like that would be appreciated!

Gave my vote to this, thank you for taking the time to set up a test to demonstrate how it would look!

Edit to add - would love if this text wrap option could also extend to the heading row! I’ve got a few columns with just a checkbox, but the heading name is a bit long. Would love to keep the column a bit tighter whilst still knowing what the checkbox is for :slight_smile: