Field Title Format/Style in Entity View

Do you foresee standardizing on field title formatting on the entity view? Or are these kept different for a reason?

I would find it very nice to have bolded titles for all fields versus a mix and match. Same with uppercase or not.


A visual:
Something like 16px with weight 600 for items on the left to match the many-to-many relation blocks.

And 14px with weight 600 for panel on the right.

Seem it 's relevant to css

Maybe this is too large of a change. I’ve used some browser extensions to customize the CSS but since the Description and Files titles as well as the panel field titles are the same class I can’t quite customize it the way I want. I’ve settled on just bolding those field titles so they stand out a bit more.

You’re right, You can custome by extension like Skybot and someone mentions in this forum, but really limitation. Requesting for css seem a bit large in this stage for team when currently focusing on Reference 2.0 and Comments functions

We will address that and unify titles. Entity View demands MAJOR re-design, hope we will get there quite soon.


Sounds great! I hate to even bother as I know the current things that are in the pipeline but I figure it never hurts to ask. :smile:

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I’ll just leave this here… :smile: