New view type: Gallery View

I like @Yuri_BC’s idea of a Gallery View (no more votes left tho, sorry :crying_cat_face🙂. I would think this would be like a tiled gallery used on many web pages.

Personally, I would also want an option to have a Grid View (yes yes, currently the nice experimental new table is called that), that allows the exact opposite of this Gallery view: Allow me to manually place tiles.

To me both these views are two sides of the same coin and potentially could just be extensions of the Board View with it’s ability to customise the tiles:

  • If not setting Columns/Rows as a property I could have an option to pick which of the two should be fixed, and which should be automatic
  • Picking the size of cards could work as it does
  • Choosing a sorting function would then generate @Yuri_BC’s Gallery, not choosing a sorting function should allow me to drag and place my cards

A number of times (e.g. sprint planning) we’re currently stuck between a number of views that don’t work well:

  1. The whiteboard that is improving, but still has issues
  2. A kanban board that becomes very quickly sparse and also does not allow me to group more than one layer
  3. A table view, which is hard to tame.

I think the new table (currently Grid View) may be able to help some, but many times I’m actually just looking to do something like a card-sort with digital post-its and if I could do that on Fibery, that’d be :ok_hand: