Column Controls in Table View

I wanted to float a few minor tweaks to the table view:

  • Is it possible to provide the filtering options on the column itself? Currently you can only setup filters through the toolbar, but having column options available at the column header is very common in UIs so this setup seems a bit more cumbersome:

I don’t think we need the clutter of some of these other tools, but some basic options would be really nice

  • Can we allow columns to be reordered by grabbing the header? I am conflicted on this as I am happy that you have to be deliberate about reordering, but I think most users expect to be able to do this without having to click the plus button.

More options on right click are necessary and URGENT, to improve user friendliness (that for now is rather dramatic. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Love Fibery, but really… This is a no-brainer.


I had been thinking about this a bit and I think has an interesting approach in that it allows users to filter and reorder things in views but they are not necessarily saved or permanently alter the settings for the view. This allows a user to quickly apply filters on a few columns to isolate information they need without having to build a specific view or change the view for all other users.

I wonder if the column header options I had shown above could provide this functionality and that the permanent view settings (fields, filters, sort) would be set at the top using existing toolbar.


It’s a good idea, but we should add clients filters to ALL views… But for table this is a good solution

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