"Sticky" pinned fields header (or sidebar) in Entity View

As I begin to work with longer Entities in Fibery (think of meeting notes as a relatable example), I am finding a notable desire to have “Sticky” or “Fixed” fields in the Entity View. The obvious way to implement this would be just make the new Pinned Fields area into a Sticky Header, just like the common website sticky headers, or indeed the sticky Entity controls and title already in Fibery! Except it’d be another line just below that. Sure, it’d take up a little bit of room, but really very little in comparison to its utility, in my view.

If you really want to you could make this an optional Workspace and/or user config preference. Bonus points if you can make it a per-DB option, but that’s probably overkill. :grin:

What’s the difference between the current pinned fields and a ‘sticky header’?
Maybe you could make a mockup of what you have in mind…

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Why sir, it’s all the difference! :smile:


These are all from the same, single Entity, which has a long Rich Text contents. Long enough that I can easily scroll a full screen height past any Fields on the right.


Top of Entity
Pinned Fields are visible:

Scrolling Long Entity (Rich Text)
Current sticky header is highlighted in red:

Notice how the Pinned Fields are no longer visible… Oh dear, I’ve lost important context! It only gets worse the further I scroll! :sob:

Proposed Sticky Header

Scrolling Long Entity With Sticky Fields Header

A mere 45 pixels or so of additional height, but now the Pinned Fields are useful all the time in Entity View.

OK, got it.
A vertical version of pinning a column in table view…

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Of course, the real solution is to not write so much in your rich text fields :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sorta? I mean a Column in Table View should be one field. Here I’m suggesting that all pinned fields show up in a header area just below the collapsed Entity Info that is currently in the small sticky header.

Yes, that’s what I understood, perhaps my analogy isn’t perfect.

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It’s a good idea @Oshyan we’ll consider it for sure

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