[DONE]Is there a way (or workaround) to hide tables from search/search results as an admin?

I have searched seven-ways-'till-Sunday and I can’t figure it out. It makes me think part of the problem is that I’m using Fibery as an admin (the workspace owner) and other users would not have this problem.

But I don’t want to give up my power!!! :alien: :man_supervillain:

When I search for something, I get tons of different kind of results in different spaces. For example. If I have a Tags table and a tag called “financial,” and then I have a “Sub Tags” table with a Sub Tag called “financial,” and I have a space with the word “financial” in it - all of which I do - and this is after paring things down a ton per talking with Polina - and then I have tons of entities that have financial in the title or description on top of that - I get a lot of different kind of results that I don’t want or need to see.

They muddy the waters and the search results and since my entities are spread across many spaces, I don’t want to limit to a particular space or view (certainly not always).

I think the user-journey is different for different things. Ultimately, if I put “financial” in the search, I’m looking for something like a document, entity, task, etc., developed and likely changing over time. I’m not looking for a Fibery structural element like something used for all entities. I know I can just go to my Tags table and look for a financial Tag there and it will be a one-time thing, not something I’ll need to reference over time. Besides, I only have 20 Tags vs thousands of entities.

I was thinking that the AI search might help, but it could be limited to one space (don’t know yet but there’s one selection available in the dropdown, perhaps after indexing new ones become available) but I think even with AI the problem I described above may still be a problem anyway.

So hoping someone can point me in the right direction or suggest a solution or workaround.



Hi Robert,

Common problem :slight_smile: I’m facing the same. You can exclude a database from search (more information about my set up in this forum post)

So you can manually narrow the amount of databases.

Plus you can narrow down your search by filtering on the type


That’s what I do if I know it’s a note / task / doc etc.

But I don’t know if this solves your use case because you said:


Thanks Yvette! I will try to wrap my hands (err brain) around this!! I should have known you would have a workaround, lol. :slight_smile: :crazy_face:

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Some update here - now you don’t even need a script :slight_smile:

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