Jan 18, 2024 / Entity permissions, exclude DBs from search

:lock: Entity permissions

After a couple of months in the experimental mode, sharing individual Entities is now available to everyone:


Note that when you’re sharing something, you can optionally include linked Entities as well :exploding_head::

Check out the guide for how exactly this works.

The graduation from beta happens as all areas of Fibery (incl. search and history) support Entity permissions, the UI has been polished based on your feedback, and the functionality is stable. We have also added the delete capability to Editor access in this update.

Custom access templates remain experimental for now. In this update, we have polished a couple of edge cases and introduced reordering.

:broom: Exclude Database from search results

Some Databases mess up search results: think auxiliary DBs like Month or Tag and companion DBs like Estimation or Commit.

Now you as an Admin can exclude Entities of certain DBs from search for everyone.

The old way to exclude a DB from search via a workaround script won’t work anymore: the script has done its job and can safely retire.

:date: Filter search results by creation date

Sometimes not even the AI search can help to find that thing you created a week ago among the dozens of search results. In this case, narrow the results down using the When filter.

Note that the When filter will be hidden until you start typing to avoid any incorrect perception that it works for recent items (it doesn’t work for recent items).

This feature is a result of Slow December :turtle: .

:heavy_check_mark: Select all rows in Table View


Select and unselect all rows in a Table View. It’s not an earth-shattering feature, but it should make life a little easier.

:butterfly: Minor Improvements

  • Code block in rich text now supports Clojure and GraphQL.
  • Text Fields are wrapped when displayed on a Whiteboard, just like rich-text snippets.
  • The User who triggered a Rule can be accessed in automation Formulas even for integration Databases.
  • An inline comment in rich text can now be added using the Cmd + Option + M shortcut, just like you used to do in Google Docs.

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Can’t restore deleted select values
  • It’s hard to navigate through the currencies list in formulas via keyboard
  • Missing context docs when entity was deleted via batch actions and restored
  • ‘Color coding’ pop-up is empty for read-only user when nothing is set there
  • Arrow layout looks strange in narrow left menu
  • Double scrolls in Number field settings
  • Entity doesn’t load if add a card on whiteboard
  • Delete option is available for relation lines but it does nothing
  • Sorting options are missed for snippet in column header actions.
  • Duplicating cards via ‘command’+ drag shortcut makes whiteboard broken
  • It’s impossible to copy link to Automations as it’s not a link anymore
  • Unexpected jumps to the beginning in databases list when moving by ‘arrow down’ button
  • [Firefox] No hover state in What dropdown in search
  • Active row don’t get highlighted if select rows via cmd+click
  • Guests can not comment nested docs
  • You can edit rich text in feed view even when no access
  • Error on searching in lookup’s fields list

What a release :exploding_head::star_struck:

Insane! Thank you guys so much!

It sure does! Related question: is collapse/expand all somewhere on the roadmap as well? That’s currently a pain in the ass when you have a lot of entities (example: show a list of all contacts + their appointments/open tasks → then you need to open each and every contact)


Great release!! I understand wanting to keep the ability to search excluded databases in the ‘What’ filter, but I would love for there to be a toggle that normally hides all excluded databases from this drop down unless you select to see them. Same as the ‘Show other…’ toggle on relationship filters. The way it is now just makes you have to scroll through all the excluded databases which I know is going to be confusing for my teams.


AMAZZZZZZZZZZZZZInnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggg!!! :crazy_face: :boom: :ghost:

Exclude Database from search results

Woohoo Party!!!


Awesome :partying_face:

When I make a template of a space the database setting ‘Exclude from search’ is currently not part of the template. Is it possible to also template that setting? We exclude a lot of databases and it would be a bummer if we need to exclude databases for each and every client if we deliver a workspace.

This would be awesome. Even more awesome if that’s also possible in the ‘create or select entity’ list. That will make the life of users very easy.

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Awesome, I’ve already gone and hidden >50% of my databases from the search results. :slight_smile:

Thanks team! :slight_smile:


Makes sense! Somehow we have forgotten about this part, despite even our own templates benefiting from this. We’ll include the setting in Space templates.


Great release! :grin:

Howerver, this problem still persists:

Can this get attention please? Now that everyone starts using AI to summarize and analyze web links, I keep on receiving that feedback from external collaborators and clients.

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So far we are focusing on other things: custom access templates, DB access, etc. If we see more demand or realise how we can unlock your use case easily, we might prioritise it higher.