[DONE] Filter criteria scope (.this keyword)

Currently the filter() may use objects/values from the filtered object. Nice, but for some cases not enough.

I try to solve something currently, but I have no chance without a different filter.

For example:

// in Bar:
Foo.filter( CreatingDate > this.CreatingDate ); // shows newer linked Foos than Bars

What I mean is the THIS or a different way to compare the filter to something from outer-world like the calling object


Hi, Andreas!
Thanks for the case.
That is smth we do really have in plans and are also lack of slight_smile:

For now, depending on the case, Action Button sometimes can be used as a workaround.

Hi @Polina_Zenevich , has this feature been implemented in the meantime?

I am new to Fibery and am attempting to do something similar as @AndreasHe but cannot seem to find a valid formula that does the trick.

Is there any news on this feature?

Not yet. So far we have no plans to add it in the next 2-3 months.


Finally, here we go:

Now we have [This ...] within the Filter(...) function:

Foo.Filter(CreatingDate > [This Bar].CreatingDate )
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