[DONE] Add field url embed iframe as field in wiki doc

See google site new vversion is just url embed iframe simplify , reusable , pelase add this in wiki app as one iportat tool

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This feature is there in TP. We used to embed Google Docs by entering the URL in a field. The doc is shown in a tab.

This feature is indeed very useful and should be considered.

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i tried difrent way via cod block
here is the link

can web hook api can push it new tab as sugested above

Hi guys, wanted to flag this up again as I was in need of being able to embed a URL in a Fibery Rich Text Field - doc, or just an Entity’s - and I was going to post the request. To be sure, we can’t do it in Fibery yet?

Anyway, I found this existing request which I think is the same. I was tempted to edit the title, which is a bit hard to understand as currently written, but I will leave that to @Polina_Zenevich or perhaps @Chr1sG or @Oshyan assuming you guys have rights to do that as well?

What I’d like to see is a way to preview a URL via embed in Rich Text, Notion is a good example:

In that example I simply pasted in a link to this site, and I get the option to show it embedded as you see there.


It seems like there are two different requests here:


which seems to imply that the entire doc is visible (and editable?)

And to be clear, it is currently possible to have a dedicated URL field, which provides a clickable hyperlink. Plus, rich-text fields and docs allow inserting clickable URLs.
But neither of these addresses the two requests mentioned above.

External embeds, e.g. iFrame, like the Onebox which Discourse uses, would certainly be nice.

A shame that Fibery can’t just use the existing Onebox itself, I’m pretty sure they’re on a different platform/set of tools than Ruby. But I imagine there are other similar solutions out there…


Yes, something like Discourse, which does a good job, would also be what I’m looking for. Do we need a new request for this?

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Implemented in latest release

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