Defining code block language in its creation

Continuing the discussion from How to insert the programming language for a code block?:

Fibery’s current code block is fixed to Plain Text on its creation. It would be great if it supports auto detection or to pre-define the desired language on its creation as it is mentioned in the above discussion.

For example, Fibery creates code block instantly when three backticks are typed (```). However, it is quite common in other mark down editors with no auto detection — Github, Obsidian, IDEs, etc. — to define the language you want to use before creating code block.

```ts for Typescript
```go for Go
``` for Plain text
and so on...


You know, I just realized this WYSIWYG editor in Fibery community is actually supporting this behavior.

// ```js
function hello() {
    console.log("Hello, World!");
// ```rs
fn hello() {
    println!("Hello, World!");
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