Support more in-line markdown formatting

Fibery already supports markdown decently well, including creation of “block types” with markdown syntax at the beginning of a line. Now there are an increasing number of various kinds of text editors that also support use of markdown syntax in-line (arbitrarily within the body of text) in a WYSIWYG editor.

Basically simple stuff like *text* gets converted into formatted text (italic in that case) as soon as the closing syntax is put in place and the user presses space, enter, or otherwise clearly indicates “I’m done editing this word/section”. I would love this kind of markdown support in Fibery as well. It’s a simple-seeming thing, but for me it’s smoother and easier to apply a variety of formatting vs. Ctrl-B/I/U type hotkey formats. I just find that less quick and easy, more awkward for my hands. Anyway, it’d be a nice option.

This is really a fairly small addition, which I think primarily focuses on extending recognition of markdown syntax into the text, rather than only parsing it as a new line, which is already fairly well supported, e.g. 1. space creates a numbered list, - or * and space both create bullet lists, etc. That existing support is good.

If I could ask for additional markdown syntax support within the text body, I’d actually love to see at least some of those newline “block type” syntaxes supported within the text line, maybe only at the end for simplicity’s sake. I often start writing a new line of text, only to decide/realize after I’ve written it that I want it to be e.g. a Header. Then I Home back to the beginning and put in my markdown+space to change it into what I want, but it’d be even faster/easier to do e.g. ### + space at the end of the line and have that converted into an H3 and remove the ###. There are numerous other tools that already do this, so it’s a familiar and generally positive design pattern, I think. But if it’s challenging to implement, I’d be happy with at least the in-line basic bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough formatting.

In fact you can have bold and italic already using these patterns
**bold **
_italic _

Fibery is based on ProseMirror so it has all its formatting out of the box

As for ### pattern in the end of the line, not sure it is easy to add…

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Ah, so I just need to change the formatting I am used to many other places. :wink: (including here in the Discourse forum) OK :grin:

Although oddly, that Prosemirror demo page shows italic and bold as the same way Discourse handles it (one * for italic, two for bold)… Also strikethrough would be nice to have (usually handled with ~~text~~).