Any way to export 'My space' as markdown with interlinking intact?

I tried fibery’s export functionality. I got only the databases that exist, not ‘My Space’ (where I have thousands of notes, highly interconnected). Is there any way to export this? Ideally with round-trip back to fibery (that is, export-import works flawlessly). The filenames have a hash on them; while this might be needed (possibly the UID on the fibery DB), it’s pretty problematic when it comes to filenames, and links to files in the markdown text itself.

As things stand, it’s extremely claustrophobic to feel the ‘walled garden’ effect of putting valuable information inside fibery. Many online-first tools that deal with markdown have learned this lesson and are implementing ways to stay exportable into files in a transparent way (example: notesnook, amplenote). Perhaps this depends on having a desktop app (which you have already mentioned is not a priority)?