Export all files within entitites

I would like to suggest a way to include files when exporting workspaces, as if I’m not mistaken there is no organized way to create backups or mass-download files.

It would be great if somehow files could be included (maybe optionally?) in exports.

One of my uses for Fibery is for document and contract filing. Options for files are limited as-is (no sorting, no versions, no hiding files, not able to create multiple file fields… ). Being able to export in a structured way would be helpful.

I hope I’m not missing something, what do you think?

@Eren_Turgut could you please specify how do you run export?

Currently if you run whole workspace export (via Workspace Settings => Export Workspaces) it contains all attached files to all entities.

Perfect thank you!

I made an assumption that the files will not be included in the export, because it says export all data into Markdown and CSV files.

Stupid of me not to try it first.