Creating dynamic data

I’m trying to use Fibery to create a real app that we will use regularly, rather than just experiment with it.

We would like to create a checklist to be filled in after a new release of the software has been released to our sites. The same build is deployed to each site but not all functionality is used at each site.
So I’ve built a modular check list based on the hierarchy of Master Check List - Site - Checklist - Checklist Item. I have the static data set up now.
We need to record a run of the Master Check List.
Ideally I’d love to be able to create a run just like in the QA module of TP.
This would list every checklist item for each checklist on each site on the master checklist.
Obviously we’d like to recorded a check result against each item.

Is this possible?

@Adrian_Crawley I don’t fully get the idea, but it seems you need to copy several checklists (with all checklist items) for every run. Unfortunately this is not possible out of the box.

What information Checklist Item has? It is just a name or something else?

I will get some screenshots, I built a mockup with visual excel…

We release software to 12 sites.
We want to record the results of a post install check list after each release.
We would like to have modular checklists, based on the system.
According as sites start using new functionality we will add the corresponding checklist to the site.

Here is an example of 4 different checklists.

And here is an example of the dynamic list to create

So, you can see from this:
Bandon only has a production checklist associated
Cahir has production, WMS & Weighbridge checklists
Clones has production & ASN

Thanks for taking the time to respond so promptly Michael.

This is like a large test plan that we created dynamically, we’d like to record run results for each check.
Similar to the way we have test plan runs in TP

I got it now, thank you for the detailed explanation.

While it seems possible to emulate the structure, still you need to copy all Checklist Items for every Run. It looks like a Custom App. With API availability it will not be that hard to create a custom logic to copy Checklist Items for every new Run entity creation based on a Site linked to Run. I think it will take a couple of hours to implement.

However, we should dig deeper and understand the whole flow. For example, I am not so sure UI will be good enough to really go through the checklist and mark items as passed/failed. Maybe Board will work OK, but maybe not…

I as going to ask about API availability, because we use the API in TP to create multiple user stories, test plans and test cases when we include “business object” in the name of a feature.

Is the API available yet?
And I doubt if there is anything like Automation Rules yet.

API is still in progress. 1-2 weeks and it will be ready. Automatic Rules is a more complex thing. We want to add them, but timeframe is totally unknown.