Create checklist based on linked entities

Current set-up

  • A user can link multiple processes to a task
  • A process can have multiple steps

The goal

  • Create a checklist in the task description that contains the process steps
  • Because processes / process steps can change, it’s no problem that a user triggers this at the moment they want to do the task

Would there be a way to achieve this (or something similar)? :smile:

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I assume you want to do this because the Step entities represent a ‘template’ for the actions to be performed (multiple times)?
In other words, it wouldn’t work to just have a checkbox field for the Step, which is visible in the relation view?

If that’s right, then I think you need to use a markdown template, and then use a bit of JS in the markdown to get the output formatted as you need

Not really a template, but a process which will indeed remain the same (until someone changes it).

That’s true!

Awesome, thanks!