Connected Slack account in automation only visible for user who initiated connection

Hi there,

we stumbled across a potential bug in the Slack automation. A colleague of mine, administrator of our Slack workspace, connected Slack in an automation rule. The automation is working, and a message is posted correctly whenever the rule is triggered.

However, when I (not a Slack admin) try to view or edit the automation, the connected Slack app is not visible:

Consequently, when making changes, e.g., adjust the message template, the connection is lost completely, and the rule stops working. :frowning:


Hi, @lars

Understood your point, but it is expected behaviour. The connected slack account is visible only to person who added it due security reasons. The person who edits the rule should provide valid slack account due security. So you may add your own slack account or you can add the same account as your admin added.


Thanks for your quick response!

I understand your justification from a security perspective. From a UX perspective though, I would appreciate being able to change the rest of the automation (read-only/disabled account field) or if the automation would be locked for editing completely for anyone other than the creator. In the current form, the missing info is too easy to overlook and to inadvertently remove from the automation.