Slack bot feedback

Hi - finally installed the Slack bot and wanted to give first impressions and ask some questions:

  • is it true you can use the /fibery slash command in any channel, but the slack action can be used only in the channel you pick when you install? If so, any way to get that GUI goodness going in multiple channels? Creating entities from Slack is convenient, and we have a channel per client, where those kinds of messages needing to be converted to an entity, would be present.
  • it’s not so apparent how to get the help screen from the slash command, but if you just enter it, the help appears. Not sure if this can be improved?
  • the help that appears when you do enter /fibery is vacation-centric, and includes only the bug example at the bottom, so, I think it could maybe be a “top menu” first, showing what sort of things you can do with the bot, then, prompt you to enter something specific.
  • somewhere it mentions that you can @-mention the bot, but, what does this do?
  • you can create a task with, say, /fibery create task my test without quotes, /fibery create task "my test with double quotes" or /fibery create task 'my test with single quotes'. The latter two create a task with quotes visible in the card’s name, which is a bug I think, since it is not consistent with what happens when you create a task in other ways.
  • the help instructions for creating an entity with the bot should be consistent: I saw it with double quotes and single quotes, which just indicated to me that I could use both, but I could see a user getting confused.
  • I did not install the vacation app, but yet, the slack app shows help for that. I wonder, is it possible to not show the vacation related stuff, if you don’t have that enabled?