Changes still pending synchronization

So, I’m still kinda newbie to Fibery.

It says there 3 changes still pending synchronization, and it shows the following message:

There is a local backup (not synced document edits) for already deleted entity!

You still can restore entity from Audit Log and find backup under View History button.

Otherwise if you simply want to remove the warning - press the button below.

And on the right side of the screen it says: Database “Círculos/Reunião” does not exist

Are those two things related? Which is the deleted entity referred on the first message? When I enter the AuditLog there’s no indication of such thing…

Could someone be kinda and help a new user? :pleading_face:

Hi! Looks like we need to adjust an error message for your case.

Once you removed a whole database - it is can’t be restored anymore from the audit log. Feel free to just remove the warning.

Let me know if any.


Got it! Thank you!