CHANGELOG: April 28 / Undelete entities ๐Ÿ˜…, Duplicate reports, Beautiful Typography tricks,

:sweat_smile: Undelete Entities

Fear no more, all deleted entities can be recovered (we hope). Navigate to Audit Log and find deleted entities using a clever filter.

Then check entities you want to recover and click Undelete action:


  • Only Admin can undelete entities so far (we are working on Trash for everyone already)
  • Back-references will not be recovered for undelete entities so far
  • App/Type deletion is still a dangerous operation without recovery. Fear it.

:dancing_women: Duplicate Reports

Fibery becomes more consistent, now you can duplicate reports. Just open a report and find Duplicate report action in the top-right menu:

:star_struck: Beautiful Typography in rich edit fields

Fibery becomes more clever. Now when you type some symbols it will replace them automatically with better symbols.

2021-04-28 15.52.25

Here is the list of supported transformations:

<- turns โ†
-> turns โ†’
(c) turns ยฉ
(r) turns ยฎ
1\/2 turns ยฝ
+/- turns ยฑ
!= turns โ‰ 
<< turns ยซ
>> turns ยป
[* or x]between numbers turns "ร—"

:shrimp: Fixed bugs

  • Audit Log: App deletion event is marked by Fibery but should be by a user who has really done it
  • Action Buttons: Hide some not working actions for User type
  • Timeline View: Sorting by Single Select field is not applied to the Timeline View
  • Board View: Unable to change date filter
  • List View: Auto-linking breaks Hierarchical Lists sometimes
  • Fibery works in Android Firefox now (well, โ€œworksโ€ is hardly a good word here, but stillโ€ฆ)


Can you add in Rich Text:

  • (tm) turns โ„ข

@Matt_Blais in the meantime, you can create a TM symbol manually:

  • Mac OS: Option+2
  • Windows: Alt + Ctrl + T
  • iOS & Android: โ€ฆgood luck with that! :smiley:

What is this? Shortcut from MS Word?