CHANGELOG: Nov 23 / Undelete Views and Documents, Round() function, many improvements

Undelete Views and Documents

Finally, you can undelete Documents and Views. Navigate to Trash Bin, find deleted View and restore it. It seems now you can undelete everything, we are happy.

Round() functions

Round() function rounds a number to the specified number of decimal places. There are also two more:

RoundDown(number[, places])
Rounds a number down to the specified number of decimal places

RoundUp(number[, places])
Rounds a number up to the specified number of decimal places

Round(1.154, 1) → 1.2 
RoundDown(9.999, 2) → 9.99
RoundUp(12.001, 1) → 12.1

Improvements :butterfly:

  • Extension term is removed and replaced by Field everywhere. No more extensions, just fields.
  • Menu to add Views and Folders is redesigned slightly for consistency.
  • When I click Space name, show the first View if I am not Creator or Admin
  • Automations: Support links to updated entities for some actions in Activity Log
  • Entity Sharing: you will see a color dot in the Share action if you shared a document or an entity
  • Entity Sharing: hide references from 2nd level. When I share a Doc or entity with some links to Features, any person can open a Feature and see all back references. However they often contains sensitive data.
  • History service performance increased
  • Formulas calculation performance increased. Previously, Formulas sometimes took minutes to recalculate on large workspaces. Now it’s seconds.

Fixed bugs :shrimp:

  • Duplicated options in single selects if delete the field and add new one with the same name
  • Automations: Wrong link in Activity log for Add comments action
  • Automations: Wrong entities count for Assign to me and Add pdf attachments actions in Activity log
  • Automations: Impossible to save ‘User input’ State and check-box with empty values.
  • Trim long texts from integrations to satisfy Fibery limits (4000 characters)
  • Public Id is hidden from Database setup table

Thank you, very much needed.

Is there an ETA for blocks inside docs?

So far it seems ~2 months.