CHANGELOG: May 11 / Collapsible headers in text, Whiteboard navigation and collaborators

Collapsible Headers in Text

Long documents are easier to handle with collapsible headers.

Whiteboard: Collaborators List and Cursors

Now you can see all collaborators and what they are doing on a whiteboard.

Whiteboard: Navigation Shortcuts

Whiteboard navigation is much better now, with all these shortcuts.

Space + left mouse (change cursor to hand) click for “pan” mode

Ctrl/Option/Alt/Cmd + mouse scroll: for zoom in/out

Option/Alt + Drag for duplicate object

2020-05-11 10.49.45

Backspace/Delete for deleting object


  • Whiteboard: Toolbar should be hidden when I start DnD a new connector
  • Timeline: make card names always visible
  • Zapier: Add “Entity URL” property to Zapier trigger
  • Lookup Field: support rich text
  • Board View: Do not expand collapsed column during DnD

Fixed Bugs

  • Checklists are editable in a read-only document
  • Website: handle name taken error during account creation (should be possible to specify different name)
  • Data end+start+include time - doesn’t change date via DnD
  • LookUp field breaks adding new entity in the context view
  • Newly created Rich Text field doesn’t work anymore.
  • Board is broken if merged enums have different names: fieldObjectsByName[“Software Development/Priority”] is undefined
  • Deactivated user still affects licenses prices calculation